Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Without any programming skills, MediaMixer allows the average computer user to produce and distribute interactives multimedia presentations (or animations).

You just have to assemble pictures, videos, sounds, texts, animations by filling in a grid with 61 lines (to insert multimedia files) and 20 columns (events order). Pages may also contain panoramas, hot zone, links, characters or html pages (on line or off line).
Various options allow you to add interactivity (open, close, go to, print, launch application, launch internet...), transition effects, filters to each element...

Each project can be viewed in three perspectives:
- grid
- storyboard (thumbnails)
- full screen (positioning).

In just a few clicks, you could create your multimedia presentations (one single executable file, 300 ko mini.) without prior programming knowledge and freely distribute them on CD-ROM or by email requiring no previous installation.

With MediaMixer, you could :
- Make a multimedia album with pictures (jpg,bmp,ico,wmf,gif), sounds (wav,mp3,mid), videos (avi,mov,mpg) or animations (gif,bmp,jpg).
- Create and send ecards for Christmas or Halloween
- Create picture projections.
- Transfer your book to a CD-ROM
- Virtual visits to locations
- Provide technical explanations (tutorial...)
- Create a product catalog
- Present a new product and do emailings
- Create a sales leaflet
- Make characters speak (characters)
- Create animated gifs or sprites (animations or characters)
- Create panoramas (movement in a picture)

MediaMixer 2 is provided with an example in the sub folder examples.

With our softwares, create easily your applications and diffuse them by:
- cd-rom or email : MediaMixer
- the web, activex : WebMixer
- cd-rom, email, the web, video (avi), screensaver, activex : TwinPlayer.

Awards : 5 cows, 5 stars, 5 stars

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