Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Principal to ensure each experience a 20 006 practice site

Point is like asking exile Yuan? (Not remember the name, a word, is a platform after going into the first post-bypass left Mulanmulan Mulan 2 teams with the right of a team would chase you

Back to the middle of the river to go around to the right side of Mulan will be a team again 2 teams are dragged up and running in the middle you will see more than two-step backward this time behind the war with a bunch of strange ..

8 teams will be strange with the melee (very simple way to drag the blame of their own and then will be able to drag the 8 teams)

Milky Way Star Purple English put off the release with God Lingsha up heaven and earth round so after 3,4 months

Must have experience of 20 006 super 1000

This time back to save point save rematch

So I practiced over and over again a half hour to 60 an ...

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