Thursday, September 16, 2010

IP and MAC binding of crack

Our school recently conducted a MAC and IP bundling, but also on the server (Win2K) to conduct the online time limits, really sick of people, I think I'm the one person from unrestricted ah, how you can do so without a fight! Old saying goes, "There are policies," but then I came to kill it, said a pound.

Works as follows:

MAC and IP bundling is on the server, then you think, and the scope should be what is it? Of course, only the client on the server, but if I modify the client's IP, then the server do? If you have thought of it, and it has cracked the binding of the theory.

Steps are as follows:

1, we must first be proven IP limited the scope and range of IP, if the IP is, MAC is the 52-54-AB-12-34-56, then the IP range should be in the -, I think it is unlikely to have complete bundle, or you can wait a die.

2, - do a complete scan, to avoid unnecessary trouble (IP conflicts), caused by network management's attention, as would not care.

3, to find no one to use the IP, from to find, because most of the network is started, and later the general is not used, a breakthrough in here.

4, in the My Network Places -> Properties -> TCP / IP properties just to get the IP address fixed, 95/98/ME see step 5, 2K, XP thus complete, open IE to try it, they fly in on the INTERNET.

5, amended in 95/98/ME system IP, will be prompted to restart, prevent the machine to install cards or similar products to restore not only restart it in my computer -> Properties -> LAN -> first disabled and then enabled (need to wait a bit) -> OK, now try to open IE, it already.

Thus the completion of crack


Install ISA proxy server software for a class to manage, most secure is the division of VLAN, but the switch must support Caixing.

Interest or other opinion talk up the next very welcome.

Reprinted from: Journal of Network Security Alliance

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