Monday, September 27, 2010

Keyboard input digital pen can break worthy when the big office?

International reported on August 27 a few years, technology companies have been trying to attract the public to develop a digital pen, but after all these years, the world is not changed.

However, some newly created company said, now that digital pen died too early.

Last week, California Iogear plans to introduce a paper written in standard digital pen. Last month, educational computer maker LeapFrog introduced the second generation digital pen, FlyFusion. End of this year, Silicon Valley start-up company plans to introduce a value LiveScribe 2 100 U.S. dollars a digital pen, digital notes not only can write, can also be synchronized with the audio recorder.

The equipment and had very different ideas. The problem is that these new things is only a novelty toy, or their predecessors, and a soon to be idle in the desk drawer of the deep or become an expensive paperweight?

The purpose of developing a digital pen people is simply to get people to use the pen as a computer input device. While Microsoft's Tablet PC (Tablet PC), and many graphic designers have used in their work writing board, but most people still enter through the old keyboard.

Standard digital pen are basically circular design, this is because Sweden's Anoto has developed a special kind of paper, built-in camera of the digital pen can easily locate in this paper.

2002 introduced the Io digital pen has it, Logitech has been using this method. At present, this document has joined the handwriting recognition has Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

But the digital pen's business is still not off. Logitech spokeswoman Nancy Morrison said: "The digital pen is just a small part of our business."

Attractive or digital pen can not be denied. Pen to enter a natural advantage, but it also needs to pay a price.

First of all, a pen for computer input require special paper, special pens or a combination of the two.

Iogear product manager Brian Wells said, generally speaking, digital pen always need special paper to match, but the company priced at 99 U.S. dollars a Digital Scribe systems can write on any paper.

But this pen when taking notes is to be connected to a computer. This is a big flaw. Because most people will have computers to remember notebook computer (the company hopes to launch the wireless version of the Digital Scribe).

Despite this, Digital Scribe is a large market, such as those in class not only to enter text in the students, who may also need to record the formula.

The LiveScribe writing system further, it is the biggest selling point is the ability to record, and then synchronize with handwritten notes. Microsoft OneNote program, in its offer similar functionality, but it requires a computer with, and LiveScribe without computers can run.

LiveScribe prices may be two hundred dollars less, can be listed before the end of this year.

The LeapFrog7 released at the end of 79 dollars FlyFusion. FlyFusion the previous generation with a special code on paper, young people in the above calculation, draw a piano and play music. New FlyFusion for older students, it has recorded the number of notes, users can then be connected and Windows computers, for processing, such as save, send e-mail content, or converted into text.

Currently, Windows computers on the support of digital ink is bad, Windows XP, the only really support the Tablet PC digital pen input, Windows Vista which support more input devices such as Wacom and Iogear's Digital Scribe, etc., but Wells that This is a hodgepodge.

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