Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beijing won the bid yet for the video of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee Mission Resource

At the recent Government tender, the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid yet for the video of the CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee Mission Resource Sharing Project.
In order to implement "content development, and talented personnel to teach, resource co-ordination, open innovation," the capital of education development strategy, effectively building science, sustainable development mechanism, through the integration of resources Xingcheng missionary propaganda and education efforts. With the current information technology, network video technology, especially the rapid development and wide application of the trend, through the video resource library and the "College Students Online", "Mission Window", "Capital Education News Network" to form a capital building and sharing of all universities, video resources to the work of the new platform, the main content, overall progress and development of the missionary work of the education system in Beijing.

Yet for the video streaming video system is the highlight of this project, video content distribution requirements to provide global load and push hot content, video content distribution by the overall distribution of active mode, the content push by the central node sub-nodes, in the process the system to ensure content is not lost and damaged.瀵逛簬闊宠棰戝箍鎾?鐢佃鑺傜洰锛岀郴缁熷彲鎸夌収鑺傜洰婧愩?鑺傜洰鏃舵銆侀噰闆嗕换鍔¤繘琛屽畾鍒讹紝骞舵牴鎹畾鍒跺ソ鐨勯噰闆嗕换鍔″彲鎵嬪姩閲囬泦鎴栨牴鎹寚瀹氱殑閲囬泦鏃堕棿琛ㄥ畾鏃惰嚜鍔ㄩ噰闆嗭紝涓轰簡渚夸簬绠$悊锛岄噰闆嗘椂闂磋〃锛堝綍鍒惰妭鐩崟锛夎姹備娇鐢ㄦā鏉跨殑鏂瑰紡鍒朵綔銆?br />
瑕佹眰绯荤粺閲囩敤B/S缁撴瀯锛岄噰闆嗚繃绋嬪畬鍏ㄨ繙绋嬪彲鎺с?鑺傜洰閲囬泦瀹屾垚鍚庡彲鍏ュ獟璧勭郴缁熷緟缂栫洰搴擄紝濡傛湁蹇呰锛屽彲浠ヨ缃綍鍒躲?涓婁紶銆佸彂甯冪瓑鐜妭鑷姩瀹屾垚銆傜郴缁熷彲鎻愪緵瀵归噰闆嗗伐浣滅珯銆佺紪鐮佸櫒鐨勫伐浣滅姸鎬佺殑鐩磋灞曠幇锛屽苟鍙彁渚涜缁嗙殑宸ヤ綔鏃ュ織銆?br />
鍦ㄦ妧鏈笂锛屽皻涓鸿璁祦濯掍綋绠$悊绯荤粺鏃犺鍦ㄥ钩鍙拌璁′笂锛岃繕鏄湪搴旂敤鐨勬暣鍚堜笂锛屽缁堝浜庤涓氶鍏堢姸鎬侊紝涔熸垚涓哄鎴风殑浼橀?銆?br />


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