Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coreldraw draw cute Doraemon

Doraemon is a favorite of several generations won the classic animated image, he used his magical treasure bag and all kinds of wonderful props to us into a world full of imagination. Today we would use Coreldraw to paint a lovely picture it looks like it:

Effect Picture

Production steps:

1, the first painting. Draw an ellipse with the Ellipse tool, filling the blue, custom contour width, line Do not be too rough on the line.

Figure 1

2, face painting. Copy a head, narrow point, filled white to form a face.

Figure 2

3, drawing the eyes. Draw an ellipse with the Ellipse tool, fill the white, then draw a small oval, fill it with black, forming eyes, and finally draw a smaller oval form filling white eye reflection.

After completion of one eye Ctrl + G group, the level of copy on the other side after flipping to form a pair.

Figure 3

4, painting the nose and mouth. First draw a small oval, filling red, forming the nose, and then hand-painted tools to draw a vertical line, use the Bezier tool to draw a final upturned at both ends of the arc formed upper lip.

Figure 4

5, drawing his beard and mouth. Using Bezier tool to draw a semicircle, with the shape tool to adjust into the following form, fill in red, the formation of the mouth.
Draw three straight lines with hand-painted tools, rotation about the angle, forming one side of the beard, group and come back with a horizontal flip on the nose after the other.

Figure 5

6, drawing the tongue. First draw a quadrilateral with Bezier tool, after the adjustment smooth transfer music, fill the orange. Welding can also be the way with two oval form.

Figure 6

7, painting the body. Draw the basic shapes with the Bezier tool, Ctrl + Q to the curve with the shape tool to regulate smooth, filling the blue.

Figure 7

8, drawing hands and feet. With the ellipse tool and a small painting of two oval, white filling, put the body on the formation of hands. Foot oval is the first painting, then crushed a little, on the lowest level on it.

Figure 8

9, drawing belly and pocket. First draw an oval flattened belly filled with a white point; pocket directly draw elliptical shape tool and then transferred into a semi-circular, elliptical or rectangular cut is required.

Figure 9

10, draw a red ribbon around his neck. Compared with two oval cut can also use the Bezier tool to draw directly upon the basic form of regulation form, fill red.

Figure 10

11, art bell around the neck. First draw an oval shape, to curve in the shape of tools used to add a node in the lower double-click, drag up the formation of the gap, filling yellow. Then draw a small oval on the gap is also filled with yellow. Finally, the rectangle tool, set radius to 30 or so, draw a rounded rectangle shape tool used to adjust the curve upward into a curved shape, filling brown.

Figure 11

12, the bell placed in the red ribbon below to all parts of the Select All, Ctrl + G group, completed!

Figure 12

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